Xojo Classes and Controls

Xojo Classes and Modules

Most of Just Add Software’s products have been developed with Xojo. Xojo is a powerful, flexible and easy to use cross-platform development environment that is not your father’s BASIC language!

This page contains some of our publicly available classes for Xojo for the benefit of the user community. The content here will grow as the classes I develop grow. Any Xojo developer is free to download and use these classes or controls in their own projects.

IP Address Text Field

IP Address Text Field is a variation of the normal Xojo text field class except that it only lets the user enter a valid IP address. It features automatic insertion of periods between the octets. This release supports normal IP addresses and subnet fields as well as subnet bits.

Download IPAddressTextField

SSH Shell

  • Written with the help of Kem Tekinay, SSH shell allows for secure SSH communications to network devices from Real Studio applications. On Mac and Linux machines, we utilize the built in SSH application in the OS. For Windows, the class requires Plink.exe. Plink.exe will need to be included with your application distribution. Plink.exe can be downloaded from the PUTTY website.

    Download SSH Shell