MoreVue™ provides Just Add Power HD/IP™ system users running Layer 3 topologies the ability to receive on their computer live previews of any or all their devices. Nearly real time screen capture images are able to be displayed.

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MoreVue™ Features

  • View live real time image captures from any device in the network
  • Choose from 5 different capture resolutions
  • Obtain full resolution image capture from a device saved to disk as a PDF or JPEG file
  • Resizable viewing window to allow customization of number of columns, view all images on screen at once and choose the size of the viewing window.
  • Zoom in on a particular device and view its capture in larger image size
  • Automatic updater - if an update is released, it will be downloaded automatically
  • Built in Web Server for each device allows rapidly downloading captured images to other user devices

MoreVue comes with a 30 day free trial where all features are enabled. After 30 days, a registration code is required. Please see the user’s manual for details on how to obtain a registration code. To purchase, contact your local Just Add Software distributor or sales representative or click on the “Buy Now” button below.

Please note: Just Add Power Devices must be running version A5.2 or later for MoreVue™ to function.

MoreVue Documentation

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