MediaSwitcher™ 4


MediaSwitcher™ allows full control of the Just Add Power HD over IP™ video matrix from a Macintosh, Windows or Linux computer. It allows easy and flexible control and provides an instant overview of the entire video matrix allowing the user to see what video sources are on specific screens.

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MediaSwitcher™ 4.3 Features

  • Compatible with our iOS Application

  • Flexible and configurable user interface
    • Screens Window
      • Grid Layout
      • Customized Layout - Drag and drop a background picture/room layout onto the window and move the screens around to the desired position of where they are in the real world.
    • New Maintenance and Monitoring Dashboard provides an overview of teh entire system with vital statistics
    • Either Window can be made the default window when starting the app

  • Customizable Icons for each video source
    • Change the what is being watched on a screen and the icon changes
    • Use the provided library of icons or add your own

  • Presets - Create predetermined source to screen relationships and allow their recall with a push of a button (Standard, Pro and Enterprise Licenses)

  • Sequences - Create a list of Presets that automatically execute at a time of day or an interval in minutes (Pro and Enterprise licenses only)

  • Groups - Create Groups of screens that can be changed together at the same time (Pro and Enterprise licenses only)

  • Create Users and give them permissions to access only certain parts of the system (Enterprise Licenses Only)
    • Unlimited number of users
    • Each user can have customized access - administrator decides what screens, sources, presets, or other functions in the software are allowed for that user
    • Logon Window Controls access to the system via user name and password

  • Video Wall Support
    • Control 2G or 3G Video Walls including vertical video walls (3G only)
    • Supports an unlimited number of video walls
    • Supporrs an unlimited number of "layers" on each wall
    • Optional image pull to view the wall on screen
    • Configure the wall from inside the app
    • Add-on option for all license classes

  • Plus4Plus Support
    • Supports "standard" 2G and 3G +4+ built in layouts
    • Adds "4K Quad" layout for 3G +4+ models
    • Free Draw Layouts
      • Draw your own screen sizes and positions.
      • Choose from default presets
      • Save your own custom presets
    • Fade between two inputs or fade to black
    • Chroma Key Support - Add graphical or video overlays (2G Tilers only at this time)

  • Two-Way AV Device Support
    • Set Up AV Devices on the network and receive messages back from them
    • Parse received messages using powerful Regular Expressions (RegEx) and scripting language
    • Take action on messages that match the desired format
      • Send Notifications to the MediaSwitcher Computer
      • Log incoming data to a file
      • Display Data on a single screen or all screens using ImagePop
      • Perform and Automation
      • Run a script to do one or more actions inside MediaSwitcher
      • Send a command on to some other device

    Note that this is a very powerful but complex feature. Just Add Software will help set up these devices on your system

  • Image Pull Support (Standard, Pro and Enterprises Licenses)
    • MoreVue™ Window - Shows a grid of the source content for each transmitter
    • Preview Windows - Open a small floating window for a screen to see what is showing on that screen
    • Icon Previews - See what is showing on the screen instead of displaying an icon
    • Image pull options in VideoWall and Plus4Plus control windows

  • Remote Control Capabilities (Standard, Pro and Enterprise Licenses)
    • Completely programmable remote control panels
      • Each screen and source combination can have its own unique remote panel
    • Control any device via TCP/IP, RS232, HTTP, CEC or IR
    • Get IR Codes via Global Cache online IR databsase
    • Support Global Cache IR adapters or Just Add Power "Flux Capacitor"
    • Supports connection to Just Add Power device RS232 ports
    • Create macros of buttons on a single remote panel or automations of buttons on multiple panels
    • Exectue nearly any MediaSwitcher Command from a configured button

  • Automation and Scheduling Capabilities (Standard, Pro and Enterprise Licenses)
    • Create an unlimited number of automations to control anything in the system including remote control panel buttons
    • Completely automates the system - change channels on cable or satellite boxes at a schedule time to scheduled channels, change sources for screens, etc
    • Schedule any Automation or MediaSwitcher function via calendar based scheduling
      • Schedule for specific day or days and times
      • Schedule for repeating days and times - daily, weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, etc.

  • Source Control Window
    • Source-centric control window
    • Select the source. Then see which screens are selected for that source. Select new screens for that source.

  • Audio Control Features for Plus and AVPro Devices
    • Control Audio Delay for a single Plus/AVPro Device or open a window for all Plus/AVPro devices
    • Control Volume Output for a single AVPro Device or open a window for all AVPro Devices
    • Select Audio Input on AVPro Transmitters

  • On Screen Display Support - Display text on TV screens

  • Splash Screen Image Slide Shows - Show slide shows from the Just Add Power hardware

  • Support for multiple switches across large and complex networks.

  • Automatic updater - if an update is released, it will be downloaded automatically

MediaSwitcher™ 4 Licenses and Additional Support Apps

  • License Classes
    • Lite - Features control for up to 8 sources and 12 screens
    • Standard - Features control for up to 16 sources and 16 screens and adds Preset, Image Pull and Remote Control and Automation
    • Pro - All Standard Version Features plus control for up to 50 sources and 50 screens and adds support for Sequences, Screen Groups,a larger remote panel and Two-Way AV Devices
    • Enterprise - All Pro features with unlimited sources and screens and adds support for user access control
    • Wall - Add-on package for any version that adds support for controlling screens in a video wall configuration.

  • MediaSwitcher™ 4 currently supports switches from Luxul, Cisco, Luminex, Ubiquity, Dell, Netgear, and HP. Support for other models and brands can be developed. Please contact us for more information.

    MediaSwitcher is also capable of being controlled by other external control systems either via serial or TCP connections.

MediaSwitcher Includes Two Free Utility Programs:

Allows control of a single screen by using icons to change which source is being viewed. It is useful in installations where control of just one screen is desired in a specific place such as an office or conference room.

Enables control of MediaSwitcher™ from a command line interface. This allows for script based control of the video matrix.

MediaSwitcher™ comes with a 30 day free trial where all features are enabled. After 30 days, a registration code is required. Please see the user’s manual for details on how to obtain a registration code.

Note For MediaSwitcher Web™ users: MediaSwitcher Web™ 4 is required for use with MediaSwitcher™ 4. Please download from the MediaSwitcher Web page.

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