DeBrick™ The official Just Add Power HD/IP™ device recovery tool

Download DeBrick™

DeBrick™ Features

  • Recover bricked/non-working Just Add Power Devices
  • Step by step "wizard" guides through each part of the process
  • Supports all 2G, 2GΩ and 3G Devices
  • Updates to latest firmware or version of users choice
  • Automatic updater - if an update is released, it will be downloaded automatically
  • Free

DeBrick requires an RS232 debug cable available from Just Add Power

While DeBrick can recover most bricked devices, recovery is not guaranteed. Not all devices can be recovered. User assumes all resposibility for their devices will using this software. Just Add Software provides this software as-is with no warranty or guarantee of recovery. Improper use of this software can permanently brick devices and turn them into door stops.

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