Worship Center Broadcast System II


The Worship Center Broadcast System II software package is a free application that is designed for use with Just Add Power’s Video Genie product line.  It features an easy to use, cross platform GUI for controlling the Video Genie matrix.

New updates in version 1.1.0:

  1. *Supports full control of the IR transmit and learn functions of the Video Genie

  2. *Includes new IR control panel

  3. *Implemented SQLite database - now all system changes are instantly stored to the database - system will remember the last state upon startup.

  4. *Implemented auto-updater for OS X and Windows.  Now users will be notified automatically of new versions and can download them from within the software

  5. *Added other miscellaneous enhancements and improvements.

Software is available for OS X, Linux and Windows.