Just Add Software Technical Support Services

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Paid Support Services

Just Add Software can provide you with technical support to get your video matrix system up and running or to help fix a problem.  This includes custom switch configuration, hourly support, support contracts,  and custom driver development (for MediaSwitcher or select control systems).

Switch and System Configuration: 

For custom switch configuration, please contact us for a quote.  We can obtain the switch of your choice, configure it for the Just Add Power HD over IP system and provide the documentation needed to just drop it into your installation and be up and streaming video in minutes.  We can also configure all of your Just Add Power devices and update them to the most current firmware.  Everything is shipped labeled with port and IP address identification.  Just drop it in and you will be up and running quickly.  Support also includes remote support once the system is installed.  Since money is time and this saves you time - it saves you money!  Rates vary depening on the size and complexity of the system.  Typical rates start at roughly $200 above the cost of the switch.  Please request a quotation for more details.

Request Quote on Custom Switch Configuration

Other paid support services:

Support rates run at $150 per hour or $200 per incident.  A 5 hour bundle for $300 is also available.

For custom driver development please contact us as well.  Rates vary depending on control system and/or switch.

We also offer online training for Installers or system users to get you up and running quickly with installing a system.  Our training counts as a “per incident” support request and costs $200 per training session.

Free Support Services

We offer free initial support for all initial application configurations to get you up and running quickly.

If you have a current InstallerPro maintenance subscription, we offer free technical support for the software and support for configuring your switch.  The cost for this service is $150 per year.  Please see the InstallerPro page for more details.

App Notes:

We also offer the following free application notes to help in configuring switches, writing drivers, etc.

Cisco 2960 Initial Config App Note

Cisco SG300 Firmware Upgrade App Note

Dell 5400 Cheat Sheet

Dell 5400 Initial Config

Dell 3500 Initial Config

Just Add Power Fall 2011 Training Presentation

Complex Network Example with Multiple Switches

If you have a topic or subject for which you would like an app note, please let us know.