MediaSwitcher Web™ 3


MediaSwitcher Web™ 3 provides a web based control interface similar to MediaSwitcher that will run on nearly any web browser or portable device. - NOTICE:  MediaSwitcher 3.0 Requires the MediaSwitcher Web 3.  MediaSwitcher Web 3 is NOT compatible with earlier versions of MediaSwitcher.  Please contact us for more information or for the older version.


  1. Bullet  Small, efficient web based application that runs on Mac, Windows or Linux.  No need to configure a web server as everything is self-contained.

  2. Bullet  Version 3.0 provides support for 2G+ Devices to send CEC commands to TVs.

  3. Bullet  Reads the same configuration and settings files of MediaSwitcher Desktop

  4. Bullet  Provides a similar interface as MediaSwitcher desktop or it can be customized for specific requirements.

  5. Bullet  Can be remotely controlled via RS-232 or TCP/IP - Send commands to MediaSwitcher Web which then communicates with the switch - a web page does not even need to be open - it all runs in the background!

  6. Bullet  Synchronizes changes on one web client with all other web or desktop clients currently on line

  7. Bullet  Screen layout changes depending on device - desktop, tablet, phone

  8. Bullet  MediaSwitcher Desktop version 3.0 or later is required to run MediaSwitcher Web.

  9. Bullet  User customizable for background color, text color, background image, or logo.

Desktop Interface

Tablet and Phone Interface Examples

Example of customizations:

Purchase:  We do not publish the retail price of MediaSwitcher Web.  If you would like to purchase the software, please contact us.