MediaSwitcher™ 3.0


MediaSwitcher allows full control of the Just Add Power HD over IP™ video matrix from a Macintosh, Windows or Linux computer.  It allows easy and flexible control and provides an instant overview of the entire video matrix allowing the user to see what video sources are on specific screens. - Note For MediaSwitcher Web users:  MediaSwitcher Web 3 is required for use with MediaSwitcher 3.0.  Please download from the MediaSwitcher Web page.

MediaSwitcher™ 3.0 features:

  1. Bullet Flexible and configurable user interface

  2. Bullet Uses SQLite databases to store settings

  3. Bullet Support for multiple switches across large and complex networks.

  4. Bullet Customizable icons for each video source.  When that source is selected for a TV, the main screen icon changes to the icon of the selected source.  The user can add their own icons.

  5. Bullet Customizable main screen layout - drag and drop a background picture onto the main page and move your screens around.  For example, a restaurant layout can be dropped onto the main page and then the TV screens moved to their positions in the layout!

  6. Bullet Automatic updater - if an update is released, it will be downloaded automatically

  7. Bullet Switch database - all switch commands are now stored in a database.  This makes it easy to update and add new switches.

  8. BulletVideo Wall Support - MediaSwitcher 3.0 Wall edition adds support for controlling video walls using the Just Add Power 2G hardware. Supports multiple images on a video wall and multiple video walls per system

  9. Bullet Support for “Layer 3” network configurations including Layer 3 Video Wall Control.

  10. Bullet Remote Control Windows - Control any device via TCP/IP - completely user programmable - comes with over 300 button icons.

  11. Bullet Fully Linux compatibility and Support

  12. Bullet On Screen Display Support - Display text on TV screens

  13. Bullet Splash Screen Image Slide Shows - Show slide shows from the Just Add Power hardware

MediaSwitcher is also capable of being controlled by other external control systems either via serial or TCP connections.

MediaSwitcher includes two free utility programs:

MediaButtons allows control of a single screen by using icons to change which source is being viewed.  It is useful in installations where control of just one screen is desired in a specific place such as an office or conference room.

MediaCommand enables control of MediaSwitcher from a command line interface.  This allows for script based control of the video matrix.

MediaSwitcher comes with a 30 day free trial where all features are enabled.  After 30 days, a registration code is required.  Please see the user’s manual for details on how to obtain a registration code.  To purchase, contact your local Just Add Software distributor or sales representative or click on the “Buy Now” button below.

MediaSwitcher 3.0 is available for OS X (Intel Only), Windows, and Linux.  The following product tiers will be offered:

  1. Bullet  Lite - Features control for up to 8 sources and 12 screens

  2. Bullet  Standard - Features control for up to 16 sources and 16 screens and adds Preset capability along with support for multiple switches

  3. Bullet  Pro - Features control for up to 50 sources and 50 screens and adds support for multiple switches, Presets, Sequences and screen groups

  4. Bullet  Wall -  Add-on package for any version that adds support for controlling screens in a video wall configuration.

  5. Bullet  Enterprise - For installations with more than 50 sources or screens.

MediaSwitcher™ 3 currently supports switches from Luxul, Cisco, Dell, Netgear, HP and PakEdge.  Please contact us if support is needed for other brands.

Example of Graphical Room Layout with Screens in custom positions

Example of standard “grid” layout

Full Documentation is available for MediaSwitcher 3.  MediaSwitcher 3 Manual.pdf

The manual will also soon be availabe on the iBookstore.

MediaButtons Example

Download MediaSwitcher 3 for Linux

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All download links below are 64 bit.  Please contact us if 32 bit support is needed.