Installer Pro™


Your InstallerPro purchase allows use of the software on all computers within your company at a single location.  No need to purchase the software for each field tech.

Each purchase comes with one year of technical support and upgrades.  After the first year, the software will continue to function but will you will not be able to update the software or receive technical support unless you subscribe to our maintenance service.

InstallerPro 3 uses a new license code scheme.  If you have a current InstallerPro subscription or license, please contact us for a new free license code to use InstallerPro 3.

Full documentation for InstallerPro is included and is also available as a free iBook on the iBookstore.

Download InstallerPro 3 for OS X
Download InstallerPro 3 for Windows

InstallerPro3  is our tool for dealers to assist them in configuring a managed network switch for the Just Add Power HD over IP™ system.  No longer does a dealer/installer need to be a networking expert to configure their video matrix.  InstallerPro does it all simply, rapidly and consistently.


  1. Bullet  Vastly improved device detection speed and reliability over older versions

  2. Bullet  Option for configuration compatible with control system drivers from Just Add Drivers.

  3. Bullet  Easy to use  and simplified interface - if you can enter data in a spreadsheet - you can use InstallerPro!

  4. Bullet  Features utilities to configure custom IP addresses, configure serial ports, reset and update firmware on Just Add Power 2G hardware

  5. BulletAutomatically generates proper IP Addresses for Layer 3 operation

  6. Bullet  Update firmware on single or multiple Just Add Power 2G hardware devices simultaneously

  7. Bullet  Supports configuration of Layer 3 capable switches for the full Just Add Power Layer 3 architecture

  8. Bullet  Includes utility to configure all Just Add Power hardware automatically for Layer 3 operation.

  9. Bullet  Export configuration data to a CSV file or a MediaSwitcher Compatible Database File

  10. Bullet  Configures switches from out of the box in under a minute - supports automatic setting of router mode for Cisco SG switches

  11. Bullet  Generate System Report after configuration and save in PDF format

  12. Bullet  Features first and only field based bootstrap utility to recover a bricked Transmitter or Receiver

  13. Bullet  Each purchase receives a pair of free Just Add Power 2G diagnostic cables upon request.

Example Switch Setup Page:

Example Hardware Configuration Page showing simultaneous firmware updates.

Example System Report

Example Screen Configuration Page

Download the InstallerPro Manual from the iBookstore
Download the InstallerPro Manual in PDF formatInstallerPro_files/InstallerPro3Manual.pdf

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InstallerPro is a specialized tool for non-standard or custom Just Add Power Installations.  For standard installations with control system drivers, please download the free JADConfig tool from Just Add Power. 

InstallerPro is not fully compatible with Just Add Power 3G devices.

If you have a bricked device, please contact us at about our free de-bricking tool.

To purchase InstallerPro, please contact us at

Example Bootstrap Recovery Window

Video of a full layer 3 configuration

Video of the de-brick routine